Thursday, April 22, 2010

sorry I suck at this

The "I Am An A Modern American Slave" post is amazing.

I would like to propose an idea...
I have heard of and, somewhat, experienced a lot of bullshit from our current social environment. I initially thought that blogging about it would help me figure out what I should do. A slight modification?...

There are currently two major political parties, Repub and Demo. There is also the Independent party rising up with the help of, such as, Ron Paul and Alex Jones. That's pretty cool (It's a more honest constitutional based party).
Over the Easter holidays Jess made mention of our countries conception being a little bit over slightly fucked up. It may have been an improvement  for the time, but not good enough for an idealist. That's my proposal. I would like to start a new party. Everyone's invited. The Idealist party.
The idea is that instead of trying to figure out a way of fixing the clusterfuck of our current system. We start with ideals and work backwards. On any and every topic.
I think we should post what we know is wrong with our society and then create an ideal for that situation.
It's goddamn science! Right!


There's a lot more I want to say about this, but I suck at writing things and stuff. (It's hard for me to gather my thoughts without multiple edits) (I've been working on this for over an hour.) I'm golden at discussion, however, so please respond.


  1. We all suck at things till we get some practice under our belts. So keep up with the writing!

  2. I agree with Jesse. Also I'll join the Idealist Party.
    My ideal: to be free to live how I want and do what I want. What's yours?

  3. My ideal: to live in a fundamentally different society based on human need, not profit (to borrow the words of Sherry Wolf).